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What is it? PixelBase is a PBR (Physics-Based Rendering) texture distribution platform. PixelBase aims to reduce barriers for solo game developers and visual effects artists by providing easy access to royalty free textures.

Why are you developing it? When I first got into game development, I found it incredibly difficult to engage in the creative process due to the time and cost investments required to create each game asset.

Because of this, I decided I wanted to develop a platform where I could create game art assets that I could provide to the general public for free.

What is a "PBR" Texture? A Physically-Based Rendering texture is a collection of images that when combined can create a virtual asset that simulates how light and shadows interact with real world objects.

Where can I view PixelBase? The web application is still in heavy development.

The development site can be found at: https://pixelbase.org

Note: It may not be live 24/7 due to its developmental nature.

Future plans: The development server is currently hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. The goal is to move the stable version to the Azure App service with automated builds from GitHub.

B2 object storage from BackBlaze will also be used as a cost effective method to store and distribute large PBR files.